I’ve had several times in my life that I was so scared to take the next big step, this fear actually comes from the fact that I haven’t tried this things before. I think it also happens to everyone of us.

For me, so many thoughts of failure starts to show up. So many questions like.

What if it doesn’t work? What if people do not pay for the program? What if that is not even what I should do?

So many times I quit the idea of starting something because of this many “What if” question in my head and I end up at the same position because I allowed my fear to win.

“See, you are never going to be successful if you only do small things”

My situation changed in 2018 when I hosted my first TEDx conference, there were so many obstacles that flashed through my brain at the conceptualization stage of the project. I was just in my second year in school, I do not anyone, where do we get sponsors? Where do we even get speakers? And a lot of other questions.

So my fear was at the peak point and I was almost giving up, I started seeing these obstacles as a big thing, instead of the dream I want to accomplish. I wouldn’t lie to you, it was sort of crazy trying things like that.

I wasn’t ready to quit and if there is anything I am so good at, it is at taking risk and doing things that seems impossible, so I decided I was going to get this done, and behold on the 3rd of November 2018 I climbed up the TEDx stage to give my welcome speech beaming with a victorious smile.

On the journey I learnt that fear is very important in success, it drives you to be determined, it makes you to draw up every strategy not to fail and it keeps your eyes and heart awake every time.

In my own experience the fear of failing made me to go extra mile in achieving excellence, I just wanted to tell my victory story and I know that any small moment of relaxation could cause my whole work to go down the drain, so the fear drove me to put in my best effort.

Another thing fear did to me was to teach me how to learn new things, I learnt and practiced fund raising, I learnt how to manage people, I learnt how to outsource and most importantly I learnt how to get things done without money.

Next level in life always comes with a big task, a task that wouldn’t look easy in the first place, completing this task or project would put you in the next level, so the question is.. Would you quit because you are afraid or would you make use of the fear as a motivation to get it done like I did?

Oluwaseyi is a project manager, Writer and Environmental Health enthusiast. I create programs that drives development and Growth, I write content for marketing.