Every time I promise myself to do somethings, in most cases I end up not doing it.

For example I had a plan to write this article yesterday and after so much procrastinating I ended up not writing anything. I spent the whole day playing, surfing internet and looking for what is not lost and eventually sleeping(that was the only important thing I did).

This morning, I didn’t promise myself at all, I just picked the laptop, opened One Note and started writing. This is how I got through my procrastination and wrote this article

  1. Do it now

Most times I design fantastic plans with colourful applications on my computer and phone, but No, I end of not ticking the items, I even delete or do not go back to the plan because of guilt.

You are surfing your Instagram page or Twitter page and a content idea just came to your mind why don’t you leave the IG page and write immediately, even if it is the first sentence of the idea? Why adding it to the pile of the to-do you have when literally you are doing nothing at the moment.

2. It doesn’t have to be perfect at first

This is my own very disease, I always want this big idea that will just appear on the paper, so when this idea isn’t making sense to me, I just close my laptop and forget about it.

3. You do not need to be convenient to do it

The problem with this is that you might eventually not get a convenient place to do what you want to do, there is so many problem in this country. Electricity problem, Noise, exams, schedules, meetings name it? If you are going to wait for all this to be over you wouldn’t do anything, why not adapt and just try to get things done?

You should learn how to write on your phone and also how to read in traffic if you are ever going to complete your reading and writing plan.

4. Avoid distractions

Notification is the biggest enemy of a creative, especially Social media notifications.

On several occasions I had planned to spend just 5 minute on Twitter and I end up spending the whole day.

Distractions will make you unproductive, it will kill your creative mind, why don’t you start using the “Do not disturb” on your phone today.

5. Create a plan and Evaluate

You need a good plan to track your activities and progress, it gives you a sense of purpose and a sense of triumph that you are actually progressing and most importantly, it let you know the uncompleted and completed task.

Oluwaseyi is a project manager, Writer and Environmental Health enthusiast. I create programs that drives development and Growth, I write content for marketing.