I’ve had several times in my life that I was so scared to take the next big step, this fear actually comes from the fact that I haven’t tried this things before. I think it also happens to everyone of us.

For me, so many thoughts of failure starts to show up. So many questions like.

What if it doesn’t work? What if people do not pay for the program? What if that is not even what I should do?

So many times I quit the idea of starting something because of this many “What if” question in my head…

Every time I promise myself to do somethings, in most cases I end up not doing it.

For example I had a plan to write this article yesterday and after so much procrastinating I ended up not writing anything. I spent the whole day playing, surfing internet and looking for what is not lost and eventually sleeping(that was the only important thing I did).

This morning, I didn’t promise myself at all, I just picked the laptop, opened One Note and started writing. This is how I got through my procrastination and wrote this article

  1. Do it now

Most times…

Its important to know this, the people who say you are a bad person aren’t perfect themselves and the accumulation of their opinion still doesn’t mean you are bad. They could just have issues the same way they say you have issues… As they claimed though.

Pleasing people is a tough work to do and I know we have all tried one time or the other to be called and referred to as “good boy or girl”, but as much as you have tried you have also realized it’s not working, so just stop to trying and learn this

  • Do…

Oluwaseyi Ale

Oluwaseyi is a project manager, Writer and Environmental Health enthusiast. I create programs that drives development and Growth, I write content for marketing.

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